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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Around The World

Well, not quite around the world but certainly around Montana!  Monday morning I called our veterinarian in Big Timber to see if it would be possible for one of the three vets to see Ms. Emmi.  She needed her regular shots and her rattlesnake vaccine.  Off we went to town.  Long ago I began giving my dogs heart worm preventative medication year round and Emmi is no exception—if you gave your dog the meds year round no additional blood tests were needed once the initial test confirmed the dog was heart worm free.  Well, the animal medicine world is not immune to lawsuits it seems and now a yearly blood test is needed.   Once Emmi had received all the sticking and blood letting needed we headed home after picking up some oil filters for the cowboy.

Before I left for town I had made a pan of Pioneer Woman’s chicken enchiladas and put the dish in the oven with auto start activated.  The house smelled heavenly when I walked back in.  After we ate Michael sat down at his computer to peruse the internet finding an item on Craigslist which caused our second trip of the day—all the way to Dillon—a three hour drive one way.  I will keep you in suspense but suffice it to say this particular item will go to Alaska with us!  We didn’t leave here until 2pm and by the time we finished the transaction we were very late leaving Dillon—home at 11pm!

Early today we headed to Billings, dropping Emmi off at Nat’s—I was in need of a haircut and our groceries needed restocking.  If I could have rescheduled my hair appointment for this past weekend while we were in Billings with Katie and Michael I would have, unfortunately my hairdresser was off running a half marathon with her husband in West Yellowstone.  Smile

We are both exhausted but accomplished everything in Billings which needing doing—new blinds for the truck camper, a Harbor Freight stop and a Costco stop.  Lunch at CJ’s was delicious.

Now home with the car unloaded I can hear my bed calling—more adventures tomorrow!

IMG_1600Our columbine are gorgeous and prolific this year!IMG_1602


  1. Columbine is my altime favorite flower! Another mystery purchase??

  2. Ran into the same thing in AJ last Fall with Scooter. Needed heartworm medication (which the girls are on year round) and they wouldn't give us any without the test. Well, if you decide there's something in Helena you can't live without, be sure to look us up when you get here. LOL

  3. I have columbine in my garden. Will be watching your blog as you travel to Alaska. We plan on going in the next year or so

  4. The flower-designer team really worked overtime on the columbine, they are so interesting and beautiful! Lots of "running around" gets exhausting, but I do so love having the flexibility to just go when the urge strikes - even when it means six hours of driving for a new goodie :-).

  5. You left your readers with another cliff hanger! You two have been busy.

  6. I am getting a dialogue box that asks for a password in order to read your blog. I just say CANCEL and it goes away, but is this something new, or just something that is popping up on my computer?

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Not sure--haven't heard of this problem, let me know if it continues.

  7. Can't wait to hear about the mystery purchase.


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