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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Surprise

Several years ago when we created a new garden spot below the house on the creek bank, I discovered a packet of seeds for poppy flowers mixed in with all the other garden seed packets.  I planted those poppy seeds outside the garden fence by the creek.  Notice I said several years ago—well finally—coming home from yoga on Tuesday I noticed a flash of red down by the creek and investigated—look what I discovered:


IMG_1675Beautiful, vibrant poppies, their petals look like the crepe paper flowers we  made in school.  Today I discovered a pale pink poppy and there are several more about to open—I am so excited!!  We will also have a bumper crop of strawberries if I can beat the birds to them!  We didn’t plant a garden this year as we will be leaving for Alaska late July/early August.

Wow, am I ever tired—I spent seven hours on the longarm today and my back is killing me!!!  Seven hours bending over, stitching in the stitch.  But that deadline quilt is close to being finished!!  Michael is just as tired, he spent all day getting his haying equipment ready—the weather seems to be taking a break from raining starting about Sunday. 

Poor Emmi was feeling neglected—I did play a couple games of “ball” with her and in this photo her ball had become wedged in the rocks—she was so cute standing up looking inside that crevice as if to say, “come on, I know that ball is in here somewhere!!”  Her little tail was going strong!


Life is good!


  1. Most people travelling to Alaska have already left and will be back by the end of September. You could be in for a white return.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. The minute I saw the first flower, I thought of the crepe paper flowers !!! Those are such a colorful surprise ....... Seems they like that spot ... You better put the timer on your quilting, your back will start talking back to you !!! Emmi always Seems like a happy puppy ....

  3. Must have been something about the long Winter that gave the dormant poppies a push this year - what a lovely and colorful surprise. The pics are awesome. If I'm going to be sore at the end of the day I sure prefer to have something to show for it. Hope those mean old rocks gave up the ball!

  4. The poppies are just beautiful. Those colors will brighten any day.

    Hope Emmi got the ball back:)

  5. I guess poppies pop-up when ever they feel like it!


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