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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Joy Tinged With Sadness

LoraLee’s presence was felt so much today—she would have loved being the Grandma-to-be at this baby shower and would have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild—but sadly, it was not be be.  LoraLee we did indeed miss you so much today. 

This afternoon, Katie along with Laci’s friends in Great Falls showered the mom-to-be, Laci, with gift upon gift for little Lora Elizabeth who we expect to arrive in late July.  We had a diaper “cake”:IMG_1471good for the diet I might add! Smile

We were asked to guess how many M&M’s were in the big baby bottle—Laci’s aunt Kay came the closest to guessing the exact number and went home with the prize—the M&M’s!IMG_1472The weather was Montana perfect for sitting in the sun while Laci opened all the generous gifts.  Guests were asked to use a child’s book as their gift card and Laci received so many wonderful children’s books.

IMG_1496She had a helper:

IMG_1493Lora Elizabeth will have a new outfit for every day of her first months plus John and Laci will not have to do laundry! Smile

IMG_1485-001Stylish jeans!

IMG_1522Ruffles and pink ones at that!

IMG_1498As Laci would open packages shaped like this one she would say, “oh good, mute buttons.”  I wondered what in the world she was receiving in these packages, why would she be getting “mute buttons????”  Mute buttons are what most people call “pacifiers!”  Only our granddaughter Laci!

IMG_1468I am blessed that these two beautiful young women call me “Grandma!”

And then there was this Grandma’s gift to Lora Elizabeth.  I’ve used this quilt pattern for a friend but with circus animals—Laci wanted farm animals and my handy husband drew the horse and helped me adapt some coloring book animals for the baby lambs and calves. 



IMG_1449-001The colors are lime green and purple—my photos make the quilt look blue. 

A special day for Laci and our family—we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Lora Elizabeth!!


  1. Great day for an equally great event. I'm sure that LoraLee's spirit was present. Beautiful quilt, Janna.

  2. Thanks, Grandma for taking us along to Laci's baby shower! Loved the diaper cake and what a wonderful idea to add books to the baby's growing library! I will have to file that idea away! Your quilt is wonderful...perfect for a cowgirl's first quilt! (AND your quilting is usual!!) So glad the Montana weather cooperated!

    1. Ditto! Beautiful quilt for the little one!

  3. Quite a lovely (and loving!) quilt. Thanks for taking us along to see for ourselves!

  4. What a neat baby shower! The diaper cake is such an adorable idea. Being a former teacher, I love the book idea instead of a card. Your card message can be permanently included forever. And that quilt...oh, Janna, what a master piece:) Laci certainly had a special day.

  5. I love the mute button. And the book idea. I really have to remember that if and when and ever I get to have a baby shower for a grandchild.


  6. Such a fun day !!! Sure like all the special touches !!!! Your quilt is a treasure for Baby Lora !!!
    Great photos, especially the three of you, pretty ladies !!!!

  7. Gorgeous quilt . . . as always.

  8. Congrats on the new soon to be little one. We had a baby shower weekend niece (the light of my life) had TWO showers this weekend and they were wonderful! People truly are so generous! They won't have to buy a thing! And we were lucky enough to have both grandmas and GREAT grandmas there....


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