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Monday, June 9, 2014

Strawberries And A Guys Day Out

Yesterday morning Lonn called asking if we wanted to join them for a dirt bike/ATV ride up the East Boulder to Moccasin Lake—Lonn’s two son-in-laws were visiting while the daughters had the baby shower.  I just wanted to stay home—the trip to Great Falls was a long one to do in one day and I was tired—off Michael went with the gang.  They had a great time, a few wrecks but no injuries. 

I stayed home but was busy—laundry, grass mowing, weed whacking—all those wonderful things which need doing this time of year.  I even gave the stinky Ms. Emmi a bath. 

Today was the day I guess—those dang strawberry plants were not going to weed themselves.  I did half the patch before lunch then the rest after lunch.  We’ve got lots and lots of little strawberries forming.  It is most definitely spring in Montana—the birds are eating me out of house and home!

This afternoon late we loaded the truck camper and are planning a trip up the Boulder—the cowboy is creating some sort of platform to make our steps safer plus it will hopefully carry the barbecue grill on our Alaska trip.  Friends who live up the Boulder have posted some great photos on Facebook of wildlife—bears, mountain lion, elk—maybe we will get to see some.

And speaking of wildlife—our neighbor Geoff has a game camera and one recent morning the camera captured a large mountain lion—Geoff and Nancy only live a mile up the road from us, I hope that kitty doesn’t come calling!! 


IMG_1413Nothing much going on around here, just routine life.  We did talk to Rollie this afternoon—today is his birthday plus he is getting to hold for the first time that new grandson which son Thomas and his wife Ashley just had.  Happy Birthday Rollie!


  1. A few wrecks with no injuries is always an exciting time for a bunch of guys:))

  2. Love the water shot - so many shades of blue and green (jack rabbit lawn statue :-) is cute too!). Wow, Michael will go play everyday if you get all that done while he's gone! You might want to rethink that :-))))))).

  3. Keep a close eye on that Emmi girl with a mountain lion wandering the area. We had an antelope wander up through the campground yesterday which was fun to see. I'm hoping for some good Flathead cherries this summer.

  4. Beautiful pic of the river with the mountains in the background. I'm glad you kept a safe distance from that rabbit while getting that pic!!

  5. Great pics but up here north of the Medicine Line we call that a jack rabbit not a lion.

  6. What a beautiful back yard! And what a nice day, productive and you got some "me" time.


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