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Monday, June 23, 2014

Back To Quilting and Rick To The Rescue Again

It’s amazing what I can get done when the cat is away—aka, the cowboy! Smile  Finished one small quilt for my friend Gay and loaded another one of those thorny rose quilts—this one belonging to Donna.  It felt good to have my hands on the longarm again!  What with all our camping and traveling to find trucks, I’ve let myself get behind—time to catch up!

My gosh did it rain last evening—from Saturday night to this morning we have had an inch of rain!  Lots of ranchers around here are chomping at the bit to get in the hay fields for a first cutting while my brother Ross in Arkansas is probably on his third cutting!

Michael was off early this morning for the West Boulder doing some work for one of our famous neighbors whose ranch manager just so happens to have had daughters living in Alaska.  Doug is giving us some great tips!

IMG_1650While this guy is not the size of Nina’s buck—he will be impressive by the time fall rolls around.  He and two of his buddies were up on the hill above the house last night probably snacking on my lilac bushes!!

Is anyone still having trouble with the “sitemeter” pop-up asking for a password when reading our blog?  Seems the whole Sitemeter site was having problems, I couldn’t even log on to see if I could figure out what was wrong.  The site is now working so I hope the problems are resolved??

Not long ago I gave in and let iTunes do an update—boy was that a mistake!!  All of a sudden all my iTunes music with the exception of those songs purchased directly from iTunes was gone, vanished!  The songs were still on my iPod and so were my audiobooks but iTunes was empty.  I Googled and Googled trying various things before resorting to sending Rick an email—one of these days I fear he is going to change his email address!!  We tried a couple solutions before finally hitting on one which worked—I downloaded a program which restored iTunes from the iPod.  I’m back in business—evidently I’m not the only one who has had this problem—the forums and chat rooms common to Apple users were full of disgruntled users trying to find solutions to this stupid Apple problem!


  1. I had to write Rick today as well. My dashboard is only showing one post at a time of all the blogs I follow. He told me everyone is having the same problem. :( Well, at least I get to read and comment here as at this time yours is the only post showing. I sure hope they fix it soon. What would we do without Rick?

  2. No sitemeter login requests tonight. Must be fixed.:-) We try and ignore most updates on anything that's working properly at the time.

  3. Love your fuzzy-antler deer, he looks like he's posing for your camera :-). Nice to have an "Alaska connection" to help with your trip planning.

  4. With all the brilliant wiz-kids that Apple employs, it's still unbelievable to me that they still put out such a confusing piece of software like iTunes. Connecting our iPhones or iPads to iTunes is often like playing Russian Roulette as you never know when there's going to be a real bullet in the chamber. Luckily, with iTunes they don't fire real bullets - they just fire blanks at us "dummies" who have to use this piece of crappola! All we want is for our songs, books etc. to be the same on our computers as they are on our iPhones/iPads and to have a simple, easy-to-understand interface for maintaining them.

  5. Love the beautiful buck with those velvety antlers. Great capture as he looked right at you:)

  6. Janna, I would like to have the same option to load my computer from the iPod. Which software program did you use? Feel free to email to


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