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Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Sure Eat Well

There isn't much which says southern more than fried chicken!!  My sister Ann and her minister husband Danny have been on vacation this week and we spent the morning preparing a feast for the rest of our family. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, fried squash (are you noticing a "fried" trend??), homemade rolls, salad, and a strawberry rolled cake. Oh, my!! Did we ever feast. 
Yesterday all the "girls" headed out for a shopping expedition in Little Rock. We had a delightful day shopping and doing lunch.  What did folks do before cellphones--how do five ladies and two youngsters find each other in the mall without the help of cellphones and texting????

Today after lunch we spent the afternoon visiting and trying to stay awake after our great meal. It has rained all week and I managed to catch a bug breathing that airplane air but it's still good to be home!! 


  1. Fried chicken is the next best thing to fried squirrel and season opened last week! Enjoy your family time.

  2. Looks so good, enjoy. We know you will eat heathly when you get back home. Becki

  3. A suggestion was made to me to wear a mask on the plane on our Hawaii trip. The man in the seat next to me actually thanked me for wearing that mask....and all the coughing I heard going on around me, I was a little glad I did it.

  4. I think I'd stick to the fried chicken over the fried squirrel! Those biscuits and the strawberry dessert looked terrific.


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