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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lewis And Clark Caverns State Park

Lewis and Clark never saw these caves but they did travel nearby through this inhospitable valley looking for Indian tribes hoping there would be horses for sale.  They were foot sore, ill and weary.  They never did find the Indian tribes nor did they see these caves.  The federal government in a round about way acquired the caves naming them the Lewis and Clark Caverns.  The caves eventually ended up under the ownership of Montana state becoming Montana’s first state park and a popular one it remains today.

IMG_1615Our friends Terry and Boo just purchased their first ever RV--

IMG_1606and asked us to take a little educating trip with them.  We welcome an excuse to take the rig out and off to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park we went yesterday afternoon.  Boo and Terry took their dog Rio for a long walk while Michael and I started trying to install mini-blinds on three of the windows in the truck camper.  When they returned we all gathered in their rig for a little happy hour and education on RV’s.  The weather was miserable—raining, cold and windy—sitting outside was not an option!

Today we had a leisurely morning before heading to the dump station for more education—here’s the cowboy getting ready to be the “teacher.”


IMG_1605Can you tell the sites were just a mite un-level???  It’s a great park this time of year—a few of the sites have electric—which you will most definitely need come July and August when the landscape becomes dry, brown and rattlesnake infested. 

Education completed we headed up the hill for a tour of the caves.  Boo elected to stay above ground while the rest of us met our tour guide and started the steep climb up to the mouth of the cave.  Michael toured this cave when he was a senior in high school.  At that time there was a scary tram—the tour group sat on open bleachers and were pulled up the hill on rails—by some type of winch operation.  Guess that method became a liability!!—imagine that!!  So, trails were built and they give you thirty minutes to hike to the cave entrance. 

We descended over 300 feet into the cave before exiting and walking back to the visitor’s center.  It’s hard to take photos inside a dark cave but here are a few:

IMG_1616In we go--

IMG_1620IMG_1624IMG_1628Almost in the center of this photo is a pool of water—you are seeing the formations under the water it is so clear—it does have a slightly green tint due to the hundreds of copper pennies people threw into the pool for luck—not allowed any more.  Smile


IMG_1627The tour was great—strenuous at times—at one point we were crawling on our rear ends sliding down this slick rock—I’m not sure how some of the folks in our group managed—lots and lots of stairs, it wasn’t easy! 

Back on the surface we headed to the rigs, fixed quick lunches and pointed the RV’s toward home.  Oh, and we did get the mini-blinds installed without murdering each other! 


  1. " I will keep you in suspense but suffice it to say this particular item will go to Alaska with us!"
    What did Mike buy? I hate "suspense"!

  2. I have heard about how strenuous the caves are so glad you guys went and took great pictures because we won't be doing that.

  3. We visited those very caves over 25 years ago. Natures gift, it is!

  4. I have been through the caves twice once about 6 years ago and once about 30 years ago. Things had changed between the two times, the trails were a little safer or maybe the fact that I didn't have a 4 year old and a six year old to herd through made it seem safer but most noticeably that narrow slick slide seems to have shrunk. I was pretty skinny when I was in my mid-twenties and sure don't remember having to scrunch my shoulders to get through. Many more people this last time also and what with being a little claustrophobic and having more folks I made it perfectly clear to everyone that if we had to run for it, getting in my way would probably not be the best choice.

  5. I thought the hardest part of that tour was getting to the entrance of the cave. About did me in.

  6. Their new RV looks sweet and a great size. They're lucky to have good friends to be their private coaches :-). The pictures are wonderful, I would not have noticed the water reflections if you hadn't pointed it out - that is some very clear water!

  7. Only caves we have been in so far are Carlsbad NM & Kartchner AZ. If I was up your way I would likely go to see those caves. I think caves & especially cavernous caves are great. Nice photos in the dark:))

  8. You take the BEST pictures!! Thanks for taking us along !!


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