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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Paradise In Our Backyard

Tuesday afternoon late we were headed up the Boulder with the truck camper and ATV’s—to the paradise which is our backyard.  It was cloudy and a touch cool as you can see from Michael’s attire:

IMG_1540But we built a big fire and made the best of it—when it began to rain we headed inside—to our cozy little truck camper.  It rained off and on all through the night while we weren’t sleeping on the concrete mattress.  We even put a two inch memory foam mattress pad on top of the concrete mattress and it didn’t help! SmileNew mattress in the near future!

Wednesday we had a very leisurely morning, Michael made us a delicious breakfast on the campfireIMG_1545IMG_1552

before we headed out on the ATV’s—the first night’s campsite we chose as it was getting late in the evening sat high above the river and we thought we might like to be right on the water—so off we went.  Found one—right on the river—what we didn’t realize was just how incredibly noisy that high water river would be!  As we were unloading the ATV’s at the new site, Michael states, “geez it sure is noisy here.”  Beautiful, spectacular—but just a touch noisy!!  Here’s a short video of the river at the first campsite—turn up your speakers and multiple that noise by two—yep, it was very loud!

After a light lunch and getting our camp set up—


we headed out on the ATV’s again riding a total of 35-40 miles reaching the old mining ghost town of Independence.  We were surprised to be able to get that far thinking the snow would have stopped us—we saw snow and there was water running everywhere.

IMG_1577Independence—do you see a pattern in my cowboy’s diet—that Cheetos bag was never far from his hand—camping food he calls Cheetos!

IMG_1559a creative fence!IMG_1562Forget-me-nots were everywhere.



Back home after the long ATV ride we cooked steaks and potatoes over another big fire.  Sleep eluded us at times again due to the concrete mattress and the cowboy saying at 2am, “guess I will get up and see if the water is rising.”  WHAT???—that thought had NOT occurred to me!!  Now I was having visions of floating down the river in our little truck camper—not a thought conducive to sleep, let me tell you!! Winking smile

IMG_1575Yep, I’m thinking we do have paradise in our backyard.  We saw a moose on the way up Tuesday evening and today I saw twin moose calves on our way back down the Boulder.  It was a great time camping with the cowboy and Ms. Emmi!


  1. Great countryside for a campout. A new matress seems to be crucial to a future campout. Beautiful topography....!

  2. What a wonderful campsite. We live in Longmont and are always in search for beautiful places.

  3. Laughing my heart out with that " water rising " visual ....... The rushing water was LOUD enough without a X2 !!!!! The photos are National Geographic perfect !!! Janna, you are good with your camera...... Happy you all had a great, relaxing time ......

  4. looks like a great spot along the river..we have camped a few times along a 'raging torrent' in the hopes that it gets 'turned off' at night so one can sleep!..

  5. Cheetos is always my go-to road trip snack. Because nothing says we're having fun like orange finger prints on the steering wheel! Great pics of a beautiful backyard - love the fence in front of the meadow/mountains. Sounds like a new comfy mattress is a must before Alaska.

  6. Jim had to check out what all the noise was when I played the video. You definitely need to get that mattress taken of right now. Sleep is always a good thing.

  7. Better to decide on a new mattress now than halfway to Alaska... And that water coming up was my first thought after playing your little video..

  8. Now THAT'S a backyard! You lucky people!

  9. Sounds like so much to go camping!! You were doing the real thing for sure. Seeing the moose calves was such a treat.

  10. I agree...PARADISE!! Thanks for taking us along!

  11. I agree with Paulette - really great photos and I liked that video of the creek as well.


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