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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Airline Karma

I’m home and glad to be here with the cowboy and Ms. Emmi!  It was a delightful trip visiting my family and I was sad to leave today—my entire immediate family lives within two miles of each other, I am the only one who lives far way and it’s hard to leave them after a visit.  Mom took me to Little Rock today, we had lunch then headed to the airport. 

For some reason the airline gods smiled down upon me this trip.  When checking in online with United my boarding passes going to Arkansas and coming home today were marked with a “TSA Pre-checked”.  Noticing this I wondered what it meant and was pleasantly surprised to find out it means I got to leave my shoes on, did not have to display my liquids in their little baggie and if I had had a laptop with me, I did not have to remove it from my suitcase!!  In Little Rock I also did not have to wait in the regular line—there was a special line for “pre-checks.” 

Arriving in Denver I was not looking forward to my almost 3 hour layover again.  Glancing at the departure boards I noticed there was an earlier flight to Billings but the board stated, “closed.”  Oh, well I thought and kept walking toward my next gate—not in much of a hurry as I did have three hours to wait.  At the next departure board I just happened to glance up and see that the earlier flight which was to have departed for Billings at 2:45pm now showed “delayed until 3:15pm.”  Quickly looking at my watch I saw it was 3:05pm—I kicked it in high gear and headed for gate #69.  They were boarding the Billings flight, I walked up to the desk and asked if it would be possible for me to get a seat on that flight.  As I had not checked luggage I was able to walk right on!!!!  Talk about good airline karma!! 

A very good travel day—it was so pleasant to walk out of the Billings airport into non-humid, cool air!  It’s summer time in Arkansas—rainy, hot and humid.  I retrieved my car from long term parking and in less than two hours an exuberant Emmi was telling me how much she missed me!!  The cowboy was also very glad to see me! Smile


  1. WELCOME HOME !!!!
    So glad you had a nice visit .... I am sure you were missed ....

  2. Don't you love when all the ducks line up in a straight row without blinking an eye!! So happy you had a wonderful time!

  3. But did the Cowboy jump up and down and try to lick your face?? ;)

  4. To catch an earlier flight was clearly a bonus for you. To leave family is understandably sad but to return to non-humid temperatures was a bonus.

  5. You most definitely had the airline gods looking down on you. Glad you had a relaxing trip home.

  6. It's always nice to hear a good flight story once in a while.

  7. I agree, it's hard to be so far away from family, especially when parents are getting older. That's another good thing about full-time RV life -- it gives us the opportunity to spend a lot more time with them (and it's fortunate for us that they live in a beautiful place in Florida where we enjoy spending the winters).


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