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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Haying, Quilts and Sunsets

It’s that time of year when Michael is out in the hayfields from early morning until late evening.  He didn’t come inside tonight until after 7pm.  He comes to the house for lunch then I take him water and snacks throughout the day.  Of course Ms. Emmi goes along to the hayfield—today he was cutting over on our former ranch—he cuts the hay there on shares with the owners.  Michael gathered some hay and tied it in a knot—watch what that silly dog does:

I’m quilting and quilting.  Here is one I finished last week and delivered over the weekend:


Today I loaded and finished one for Shirley—a sweet, feminine little quilt—all done!

It was a beautiful July 1 day—about 74 degrees and sunny—are we finally going to have summer??  Let’s hope so for the haying contingent!!  Our flowers are stunning this year:


Yesterday I tried to work myself to death—I declared war on the weeds.  I hate to spray herbicides under our aspen trees so my only other weapon is the dreaded shovel!!!  We also have these really sharp weed hooks on long handles.  Climbing up and down the hills around the house I chopped weeds until I thought my arms would fall off—yoga was painful this morning!

Sunset on Sunday night:


Life is good.


  1. The quilting pattern on the butterfly quilt is awesome... Steady hands and nerves on the longarm... The dog is going to kill that ball of hay for sure........ LOL

  2. Your quilting is wonderful!! Just beautiful!! And got a chuckle out of the video!! Ya' got to love 'em!!

  3. Emmi's a hoot!!! Did she kill it? I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful quilt. Enjoy the fantastic weather and have a fun 4th!!

  4. I hope that Michael now understands that hay is NOT to be tied in a knot! Good thing Emmi was there to remedy the error :-). The flower is gorgeous, what a crazy pattern it has. I pulled out a small quilt of my mother's yesterday and for the first time I saw it had a large "pocket" on the underside at one end. At first I thought it was for a magazine or something but there was no logical way for it to "work". Then I realized (cute, but slow here) it's to tuck your feet in while the quilt is over your lap.....Brilliant! I'm "in" it now :-).

  5. Quite the farm hand you have there! No need for a whipper with Emmi around:)

    That is a beautiful flower. They say gardening (or weeding) burns a ton of calories. Great job!

  6. Your butterfly quilt is absolutely gorgeous! You are definitely busy bees, with the haying/quilting/weeding. Good thing you have a furry little helper! :-) We don't use pesticides, either, and it definitely makes for a good workout. We're staying with friends while we're in our hometown of Ashland, OR for a month, and helping them keep up with their gardens and vineyard -- my goal is a big bucket of weeds daily.

  7. I watched Emmi trying hard to destroy the little tied up hay bale Michael made for her. Funny! I love the smell of fresh cut hay!


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