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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Up Close And Personal With The Mountains

Friends Ken and Lesley invited us up to their place this morning for an ATV ride and breakfast at their cabin on the mountain.  While chilly at 8am, the morning was alive—rivers were roaring, the smell of chokecherry blossoms was sweet and the sun was shining.  They live a few miles up the road from us and you are most definitely up close and personal with the mountains.

IMG_1419IMG_1415While there is an old fashioned propane cook stove, Ken prefers to cook breakfast on the wood burning stove.  Eggs with peppers, mushrooms and homegrown chives, sourdough pancakes and maple syrup—eaten outside at the picnic table in the sunshine—life is dang good I would say!!!

The grass is tall, lush and green, the balsam root is blooming everywhere as are other wildflowers such as forget-me-nots. 




After breakfast and visiting I asked to see the inside of their truck camper—I wanted to see if all truck camper bathrooms are built using five year old children as the size model—and yep, Larry & Geri, their bathroom was tiny too!  Smile

Back home I tackled some chores and fixed us a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner before we headed into town for a couple errands.  The cowboy is now examining the backs of his eyelids and I’m writing this blog—it’s gonna be an early night for me—traveling is exhausting!



  1. Look at how green it is. It's gorgeous. I have trouble cooking on a propane stove, can't imagine what I'd do with a wood one.

  2. Awesome photos. The ATV ride must have been equally awesome.

  3. When I was younger, I dreamed of living in a cabin like that in the mountains...

  4. Gorgeous scenery! I love that wood stove. Breakfast sounded wonderful:)

  5. I love the kitchen and the old hand water pump. The country side is so green and beautiful

  6. Awesome cabin! the food sounds wonderful too!

  7. Your photos are wonderful, and really capture the peaceful feeling and setting of the cabin. Sounds like an amazing breakfast!

  8. Such a sweet and peaceful place, pure heaven. Your pictures really capture the feel of homey serenity.
    The toilets in truck campers are the "I-don't-care-how-small-it-is-as-long-as-I-have-a-place-to-go-in-the-midde-of-the-night" size. When you've had a camper without one, those little guys are royal thrones of joy :-).


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