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Friday, June 20, 2014

Still Using Heat

It’s the 20th of June, tomorrow is the first day of summer yet every morning we are still turning on the heat!!  Each day starts out cool but sunny, by lunch time it is warmer but clouds are building, by 4pm the clouds are darkening and thunder is booming in the distance.  Then it rains—most days only enough to get the ground wet—but enough to keep any thoughts of haying at bay! 

I did get the lawns mowed before it rained, even Tammy and Joe’s down at our former house.  If you have to mow grass it doesn’t hurt to have this kind of view:

IMG_1635The cowboy was taking the mower down to the yard for me—he had welding to do—thus I was the designated mower today.  I mowed our walking paths up in the pastures before lunch and after lunch I tackled the waist high grass along the worm fence by the county road.  In the process I killed the riding mower—nothing the cowboy can’t fix but that was the end of my riding mowing! Sad smileOut came the dreaded weed whacker—thoughts of full time rv-ing kept running through my head all afternoon!!!  Geez, weed whacking is one chore I wouldn’t miss!!  But now all our lawns, paths, driveway edges and fences are neat and tidy—that’s a good thing!  And my back is killing me! Smile

We’ve unloaded the truck camper and hope to stay home for a while—we’ve been on the go.  I haven’t forgotten Mike McFall—I promise to reveal what we purchased last Monday in Dillon soon! 

IMG_1634Wildflowers are gorgeous this year.


  1. The weather here in Helena can't decide what it's going to do. From rain and really dark clouds to sunshine and lighter colored clouds. However, Jim did get the lot we park on mowed between rain storms this morning.

  2. Haha,,,promises, promises..... lets hear the facts maam.

  3. Keep after her, Mike ..... She is holding on to the secret !!!!!

  4. That weather sounds perfect to me! I loved mowing with the rider when I had the ranch but that weed wacker is exhausting! And I certainly didn't have that awesome view :-). Now we're REALLY anxious for the big reveal!!

  5. Yes, no yard work is one of the many pleasures of fulltiming. Listening to someone else mow and weed wack brings joy to John's heart.

  6. Your wildflower pic is beautiful. I don't mind weedwacking but I sure hate having to stop and re-load that cutting string after I get started.

  7. Sure beats the view from my lawn mower. I'm with Mike. We want to know!!!!!!


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