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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And The Weather Outside If Frightful

Nasty, nasty day—cold, snowing, blowing, you name it we’ve had it today!  Still Emmi wants to go outside and play ball!

I finished Marti’s quilt today and it is simply gorgeous.  It is a pleasure to quilt when things progress so well!

Michael loaded a few items into the storage bays of the motorhome and worked on cleaning his shop.  Remember Steve’s “project” the 1946 Chevy truck with no engine—Michael put an engine in the truck.  Well, that “project” has been resurrected and now the plan is to turn the truck into a hot rod.  So, room in the garage is needed and thus Michael was cleaning. 

We’ve been trying to decide what to do about internet this winter season.  We’ve always had a Verizon aircard and contract until last February when our contract expired.  We continued on with Verizon month to month until we arrived home in April.  Cell phones and aircards don’t work here at our house, not enough signal.  Rollie and Gina introduced us to Millenicom and I think that’s where we are going.  I spoke with the folks at the 3G store today but no one can compare with the 20GB plan for $60 a month which Millenicom offers. 

Did some online Christmas shopping today—my goal is to buy the majority of our Christmas presents online—which I did last year.  I am just not into crowds and traffic.  I do have to go to Billings tomorrow—taking Nat to the dermatologist and to have his eyes examined.   Hope the roads aren’t too bad!




  1. sorry for your weather but please keep it there :)...what no pics of the quilt? And how in the name of pete did you get a quilt quilted in a couple of days!!?? take care drive safe tomorrow-we used a verizon air card last time we were in the US...not sure what we're doing this time...

  2. The snow is so beautiful to look at, but I am so thankful to be down here in AZ without it.

  3. That last pic looks frightening cold. Are you gonna stay home over the winter?

  4. We been on Milinicome for almost 2 years now and they are superb.....
    We introduced Rollie and Gina to it. Have you tried a Yagie antenna up there, like the one I have here at North Ranch? It is directional and really pins the signal down....and inhances it....

  5. Those snow pics are about as close as I want to get to snow this year! Nice shots!

  6. We have a Millenicom aircard on the Verizon network (20GB) that we used last year. It really worked well for us but this particular spot at Dogpound South is in a bad area for cell phones so we eventually went with a DSL connection (cheaper too), but I think the Millenicom one will do the job for you.

  7. I am with most of the others, that is a very cold picture:) Beautiful or not, I am content to look at it through your experience:)


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