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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Breezy Day

It felt great to get out and take a walk today in spite of the fact I’m a little under the weather with what I think is a case of food poisoning.  YUK!

I started swamping out the house—Michael and Emmi home alone does not equal a spotless house for sure and we have Thanksgiving guests coming!  Time to get out the vacuum.

Even Emmi got clean today—I gave her a good brushing which she hates, then a bath and finally a modest trim—didn’t want to cut too much hair off, it might get cold around here again.

When we were in Costco yesterday I purchased a Lacrose weather monitoring station like the one we purchased Nat a month or so ago.  Michael installed the station this afternoon without turning the air too blue! 

We have seven guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, one of our smaller crowds through the years.  I will start some of the cooking tomorrow and all the guests are bringing something too—it will be a feast.

It was a warm day for this time of year, 48 degrees and of course the wind blew all day.  It is definitely winter—bleak landscapes.



  1. so you have a few busy days ahead of you..I sure hope you feel better poisoning is a terror on the body...hope you feel much better tomorrow Janna...

  2. I hope that stiff breeze blows that illness away! You need to be well to enjoy the coming big dinner...

  3. Glad you are home, and hope you are feeling much better very soon. By the way, you left the humidity here in the south!

  4. Hope you are feeling better in time for your big Thanksgiving Dinner!

    Beautiful photo too!

  5. there is no place like home..even if it is need of a vacuumning!!..hope you feel better!!

  6. Seven guests seems like a lot to me:) Enjoy the holiday!


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