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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday On Barnes Hill

OH, my, it is so warm and humid here!  I had forgotten what humidity was like--it is as if you are melting--your makeup is sliding off your face before you even get it applied, your hair is falling flat.  But, on the other hand, poor Michael said he would take some of this heat! 

We all went to church where my brother-in-law Danny is the pastor--afterwards the church had their annual Thanksgiving dinner potluck.  Yep, once again we are eating!  It was good to see a lot of the people I grew up with in this same church community.

After church and lunch we all came home to relax and play with babies.  Four children in one small house--the house I grew up in--becomes more than a little chaotic!  Poor Chuck retreated to his motorhome to watch a little football--if I had known that was where he was hiding, I might have joined him!

It has been a wonderful visit and now I am ready to head back to Michael and Emmi, get Thanksgiving dinner all lined out and start making plans for our December departure!


  1. HI Janna I am just playing catch up on my blog happy to see you are having a wonderful visit !!!

  2. Glad ur having fun, but think u ought to take one of those babies home.

  3. Sounds like a great visit home Janna. I am sure Mike and Emmi are missing you terribly though.


  4. sounds like it is time to head on home!..and get busy cooking Thanksgiving Dinner!!

  5. As always it was so good seeing you. I pray you have safe travels home tomorrow and don't forget to pass along some "sugars" to Mike when you get there. Hope so see you again soon.

  6. That sounds hectic, but fun! Just one grand is wearing us out ;)

  7. No doubt, you are having a great visit home visiting your family, friends and enjoying all that great food too!

  8. Sounds like you're really having fun...Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!
    Travel safe


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