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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our First Real Snow Fall

When I let Emmi out first thing this morning little tiny snowflakes were drifting down.  We probably accumulated about two-three inches.  It has stayed cold all day and now is snowing a little again.


Last night about 7pm I listed our old Komatsu mini-excavator on Craigslist.  The last time Michael used it—remember the story of me pushing the machine up onto the trailer with the backhoe—well, it needs a new engine and Michael felt as if he has done enough mechanic-ing lately.  So, he decided to sell it. 

By 9pm we had five or six calls about it with one guy committing to come look today.  At 9pm we shut down the phones—when we built this house my handy husband installed a switch—all we have to do is turn the switch off and all our phones stop ringing and go to voicemail. 

When Michael got up this morning there were two phone messages and two emails.  One of the phone guys said he would take it sight unseen if the guy coming to look didn’t buy the machine.  Before the looker got here we probably had another 5-6 calls!!!!  The guy wrote the check and left to return for the excavator when the weather is better.  Wish we had about 10 of those to sell!!!  Oh, and by the way, the buyer knows it needs a new engine!!! 

I finished one customer quilt and loaded another one today.  Spent some time just sitting in a chair staring at this one looking for inspiration.

And that’s about it for our exciting Saturday. 


  1. I am glad for you that it sold so quickly.

  2. Wow - it sold fast. So glad I'm down here in AZ and not up in Billings in the snow.

  3. I knew you would have a pretty picture of the snow - and you did. Nice to look at, don't want to have a close encounter!!

    Glad you sold your excavator so quickly.

  4. Craigslist is an amazing thing! I am sure there is more of that white stuff coming.

  5. I never realized there was such a big demand for excavators - especially ones that need repairs - congrats on the sale!

    Snow? Time to get outta Dodge!

  6. Well, you were probably asking a fair price, and that's usually the best way to sell most anything.
    And you're welcome to the snow. Haven't seen any in these parts, and I hope not to until some time in January, if ever.

  7. Who would have guessed that there was such a demand for mini-excavators. Maybe we can find some used ones here in British Columbia to send down your way.


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