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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Relaxing Day

I fretted about that challenging quilt during the night and this morning made up my mind to solve my dilemma!  I am doing a design in the many, many little triangles and squares called continuous curve.  In the quilting world I knew there was a way to do this continuous curve business without ever having to stop and tie off your threads, I’d done it before on other quilts, I just couldn’t get my path right on this one. 

A couple years ago I took a quilting class from the national educator for the company which manufactured my longarm and I had kept the notes.  Once I saw Dawn’s comment—“treat it like a house, finish one floor before starting another,”  the light bulb went off, hurray!!!  I am now doing continuous curve at the speed of light—well, not quite!  So, now I am relaxed about this quilt!

Shirley came up this morning to purchase some flannel and batting—she has her own personal quilt store, just up the hill.  We had a short little visit before she left to sew.

Michael came really close to finishing his fireplace insert project up the Boulder this morning and is very pleased.  After he came home for lunch we headed into Big Timber for some tire work on his new work truck and for me to get a massage. 

Now I am really relaxed.  We were in town just as the sun was setting, forgive the light poles, railroad tracks, traffic signs—the sunset was just too beautiful not to photographIMG_2257

On our way home tonight we saw two raccoons crossing the road, two pheasants and a million deer—one was a huge buck mule deer right by the road.  Life is good up the Boulder.



  1. Now in addition to calculus, I can add quilting to the list of things I will never be able to learn:(

  2. Just being up the Boulder makes life good.

  3. I am hoping you will post a picture of the quilt once completed.
    What a beautiful sunset.

  4. nice sunset today Janna!..and I agree.. a picture of the quilt when it is completed would be nice!!

  5. hoping you will post pics of the quilt once completed...humm being a quilter also... I've never heard of the continuous curve..sounds tricky...the hardest one I've ever done I think was the 'spiders' that was challenging to say the least...followed by a close second...attic was all 3 d...and many pieces to a block.....but when you love the craft you just keep going till you get it right :)

  6. Congrats on overcoming the quilt nervousness! Great sunset photo!

  7. The countryside is beautiful - anytime of the year.

    I Don't know anything about quilting but it must have been a complex project to lose sleep over it?


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