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Monday, November 14, 2011

Quilt Is Done and The Wind Is Still Blowing

Geez what a miserable day weather wise—so incredibly windy that we didn’t walk up into our pastures—were afraid we might end up in the next county!!  Had to put an anchor on Emmi to keep her grounded! :))

I finished the quilt I had on the frame for Barb and it is beautiful.  Once she has seen the finished project I will post photos.  That quilt was a learning experience for me! 

Emmi and played soccer a couple times today.  She is the most comical little thing—obsessed with that orange soccer ball!

IMG_1183 IMG_1177 Kick it to me again Mom, kick it!!!IMG_1174 Now I’m tired!!

Michael did some more work on a cattle guard and our road today at least using the backhoe which has an enclosed cab.

We were busy all day—doesn’t sound like much when you are writing a blog though!

A friend sent us the following:

Indian saying Enjoy!


  1. It makes me cold just reading about your wind. But Emmi and her ball are so cute.

  2. Love that saying!! and so true!!Hope you can leave for warmer weather soon.

  3. Emmi and that ball are sure cute together! Looking forward to seeing the quilt when you post the photos. It is amazing how cold November days just slide by, isn't it.

  4. that saying is so true!!..a day doing stuff..sounds like mine!! least yours was blogworthy!!

  5. Hey sometimes we just don't have enough to blog BUT it is always nice reading even a little bit!!! Emmi is so darn cute with that ball!
    Have fun

  6. The Indian philosophy pretty much sums up the govm't for sure.

    We've met another "Emmi" here at the Plantation, a cute black schnauzer whose name is Emily, but they call her Emmi. She's a little bigger than the original Emmi and a little smaller than Mr. BJ.

    Glad you finished another quilt, your customer will love it, can't wait to see pictures.


  7. If we ever cross paths, Emmi and Rylie are going to have to play a game of soccer. Rylie's just discovered a soccer ball here in our park and she'd chase it all day long if we kept kicking it!


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