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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Saved A Chickadee

Last night we thought the wind was going to take the roof off the house.  We were very surprised to see no trees down when we took our walk this morning.  It snowed some during the night and the wind was still howling this morning making the 10 above seem like 10 below!

While cooking lunch I heard a bird hit one of our windows.  We have bright shiny CD’s attached to the windows to deter that happening but sometimes the little guys just seem to be suicidal!  I went to the window and there was a little chickadee quivering on the deck in the snow.  Ran outside, scooped him up and came around the corner of the house out of the wind.  He was blinking his eyes and moving some so I took him out to the garage where Michael was working and there was a warm fire in the stove.  Put the tiny guy in one of those clear plastic lettuce containers and left Michael to babysit.  He said that in not too long the bird began fluttering against the container so Michael took him outside, opened the box and the little guy flew up into a tree.  Success!

After lunch we drove into town to deliver quilts and acquire Michael some bachelor food.  This morning I made two batches of granola and three batches of spaghetti partly to keep Michael fed while I am gone. 

Tomorrow I am heading off to Arkansas to visit my family.  Mom’s 75th birthday is Saturday.  Blog posting may be sporadic as I am not lugging along a laptop, just my iPod Touch—a new one arrived yesterday morning—yea for Apple!! 

IMG_1186 This quilt which I finished yesterday belongs to Barb, one of my quilting buddies.  It is an oversized queen.IMG_1194  Some of the detail shows better on the back.


  1. I'm sure the chickadee says thanks. Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. Guess that chickadee figured if he didn't get out of that container he would be the chick in a chicken caesar salad. Travel safe.

  3. Awe you are so sweet Janna to save that little bird.

    That Quilt is amazing you are also very very talented.

    Take Care

  4. We always have a number of birds fly into our sunroom windows every summer and eve though they may appear dead or unmoving, many times they are just knocked out and usually recover. Waved to your family today in Little Rock and thought about you as we passed just south of the Little Rock Airport.

  5. Oh, I bet that little bird will always be grateful to you. How sweet of you.
    The quilt is amazing. Both the quilt in it self and your quilting. Beautiful workmanship. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a fun and safe trip.

  6. aww dear little nice of you to save him...your quilt is gorgeous!!!! I got mine into the frames yesterday...

  7. nice birdie save today!..and the quilt is beeee--uuu-tiful!!..very patriotic!..nice combined effort!!!

  8. We used to have birds fly into our window in Sidney and Mom was always trying to make sure they were okay. Glad your bird recovered and hopefully learned his lesson. Have a great time with your Mom and be sure to tell her Happy Birthday from me.

  9. Always a good feeling when you can save a little critter.

    I know everyone has already said it, but it's true, the quilt is stunning.

  10. Very pretty quilt. Have a safe trip and tell your Mom happy Birthday...Gosh, I'm older than her...:-(

  11. Great looking quilts! Have a safe trip to Arkansas and Happy 75th to your Mom!


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