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Monday, November 28, 2011

I’m Tired

Four loads of laundry, several ball games with Emmi, a walk, finished a quilt and loaded the backing for another one, cooked a fabulous lunch, talked on the phone, geez I’m tired! 

When I lived in Powell, Wyoming there was a much talked about lodge between Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone Park—I think the name of it was Brannon’s.  The restaurant had a price fixed menu—one price for the meal and wine and it wasn’t inexpensive to say the least.  There were also cabins if you consumed a little too much wine at dinner, you could stay the night and a wonderful breakfast basket was delivered to your door the next morning.  I never had the privilege of having dinner at Brannon’s but I do have Nancy Brannon’s cookbook, The Lighter Side of Italy. 

The cookbook is filled with delicious sounding Italian recipes in which a large portion of the fat and cholesterol have been reduced—still delicious.  I’ve yet to try a recipe from this 1992 cookbook that I didn’t love.  Today I cooked a recipe I’ve used many times, Piquant Tomato Sauce and served it over rice pasta accompanied by a big green salad.  YUM! 

OK, did anyone catch the “rice pasta” in the above paragraph??  When Al of the Bayfield Bunch talked about eliminating wheat from his diet a while back, Michael said, “I’m gonna try that.”  Well he’s been off wheat for three plus weeks and we have established that he is probably wheat/gluten sensitive.  The two times he has fallen off the wagon and had something containing wheat he became VERY congested and the congestion hangs around for at least a week.  He ate TWO big pieces of apple pie on Thanksgiving Day and has paid the price since.  Michael says he feels much better not eating wheat and if that’s the case, no wheat it is.  OH, NO, no more homemade bread!!!!  Guess I will have to figure out how to make some other kind of bread!

Michael worked on the motorhome most of the day, fixing and cleaning—he should have it in tip top shape soon!

I finished Aunt Margaret’s quilt today—here’s a sneak photo just a simple meander but beautiful!IMG_1260-1

I’ve loaded the backing for Marti’s huge quilt she made using Judy’s from the Patchwork Times free pattern—I’ll get started quilting it tomorrow.

Michael is over there on his laptop researching diesel prices in various places across the US—departure day is coming right up!



  1. enjoy the planning stage of your winter getaway!!..where are you heading..south or southeast?

  2. I am hearing, from one of our neighbours, who is a long haul trucker, that fuel is in short supply in the Northern Tier states. He has been restricted at Flying J a couple of times. So keep her full.

  3. If you go on the net you can find gluten free bread recipes. Aileen has tried some which make decent GF bread. She made a new one the other day which was very tasty, using her bread machine.

  4. I love the planning of a trip ~ A lot of people need a Gluten Free diet. My daughter is one and she feels more energy and better when she does not eat wheat products... Hope Mike feels better! Where are you all headed?
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. No wonder you're tired! It'll be all the nicer now when you get away and get some rest.

  6. Gas buddy is a nice app on my phone that locates the cheapest gas/diesel and maps it for you. You need an I-phone. (:

  7. It is increasingly common to find friends, family and acquaintances who have developed issues with gluten. I wonder if it relates to the heavy use of chemicals in the production of wheat crops? Three friends, in the past couple of years, are no longer ingesting gluten products. They feel much better. Interesting!

  8. gorgeous quilt Janna-and no wonder your hoping to get some stitches into mine today..if its not completed by departure day-then the frames and quilt will be coming with me :)....I can just imagine sitting under the awning on a hot warm breezy sunny day..quilting and sipping wine :)...awhhhhhh

  9. Howdy J&M,

    Michael, the better prices on diesel are in the South, but they're still almost a $1 above gasoline!! Some places up north are OUT OF DIESEL!!
    Stay on the CB and keep your tanks FULL no matter the price!!! This is the pits and right when people need it to get out of the cold!!!

    Hope y'all have GOOD LUCK IN YOUR travels and you can stop over here at the RunningStar Ranch, S of Abilene, Texas, if you want to!!

  10. Gonna be watching for your departure date and living vicariously as you head on down... still going to Cedar Key, FL?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. I din't see Fabgrandma on your blog list. She is gluten free and has alot of great recipes in her blog.


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