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Saturday, November 26, 2011

House Is Decorated

Sue of Big Dawg and Freeway left a comment on yesterday’s blog regarding my decorating for Christmas so soon.  Sue also had some thoughts on stockings and Christmas cards.  I love the holidays and love putting up our tree—we only put up the big tree every other year when we stay in Montana through Christmas and I want plenty of time to enjoy it so it goes up the day after Thanksgiving.  IMG_1244 When I was growing up we used a real tree that we went out into the woods and cut—Mom was so afraid of fires she wouldn’t put the tree up until about 2 weeks before Christmas—not long enough!  And when we were kids, we had stockings which contained fruit and nuts—never any gifts.  Michael, Emmi and I have stockings but we don’t make a big deal of it, usually Emmi is the only one that gets anything in her stocking. 

As for Christmas cards, as an adult, I’ve always sent out cards.  I’ve missed a couple years here and there but usually I’ve got the cards out by the first of December.  Like Sue I love going to the mailbox in December and seeing the cards. 

I started a customer quilt today and almost finished it—a Christmas one I’m quilting with gold thread—beautiful!

My husband was such a huge help today—he rarely helps me put up Christmas decorations but must have heard me cursing the strings of lights—you know the ones that you test then hang only to find out sections of the lights have suddenly decided not to work.  Michael found this handy gadget at Harbor Freight (not sure what he bought it for in the first place but it sure worked today).  You plug the lights into this little box then use the wand which looks like a fire starter striker wand—you slowly pass the wand over the strand of lights, it emits a tone which decreases significantly in volume when you pass over a defective bulb!!!!  Now isn’t that too cool!!!!  He was successful in repairing several strands of lights and gave up on a few. 

We saw these three guys on our walk this morning, they were having a discussion about who owned the harem!!IMG_1236 IMG_1229


It was a glorious day, 40 degrees and no wind—a first in many, many days!


  1. Bueatiful looking home. Liked the deer also

  2. Lovely tree. Mine's not up yet, and it'll probably be decorated very simply. I usually have it totally covered with ornaments but last year I was running short of time and Christmas decorations were very simple. I discovered I like it that way.

    We had enough wind today here in NE Nebr. to make up for the wind you DIDN'T have.

  3. I think it is nice to stick with your traditions.

    I now like to just watch deer as they move around,, but for many years, this time of year was serious business in figuring out where the big guys were going to be. I find just watching them for fun is easier on my nervous system:)

  4. Your home looks beautiful. Love that quilt on the back of the chair.

  5. beautiful tree Janna!..nice to see someone with the early start on Christmas decorating!..I did my cards today..have two surprise packages to mail tomorrow..but no tree yet!!..maybe in a couple of weeks!!..have a great evening and enjoy the tree tonight!!

  6. Your tree and decorations are just beautiful! Enjoy!

  7. The tree is gorgeous. We got fruit and nuts in our stockings when I was young also. And your wind has moved down here tonight. Please take it back.

  8. I'm with Sandie. Take your wind back please. I can barely hang onto the door when I try to get out of the rig!

    Nice bucks.

  9. Your home looks beautiful and that Christmas tree is sure a beauty!

  10. So much to think about, Janna. What comes to mind first is the quilt. You started today and almost finished today???? geez. Then, of course, Christmas decorating. I am with you, as soon as possible after TG, and we do the same, seems we are gone every other year. Nice plan I think, best of both. One more thought...Christmas Cards. I love them, I send them every year, and my receipts are dwindling dramatically. I usually send 60 or so and am now getting less than a dozen back. Guess I have the wrong friends! Deer are cute, in someone else's yard, or like this, out in the fields.

  11. gorgeous home and tree...we also have the 'halls decked' sue I'm stumped started a quilt and almost finished it in one day? I'm still working on mine and it seems like its been in the frames forever...


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