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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Cold Sunday

Whew, sunshine coupled with a bitter wind does not make for warm temperatures.  Nasty outside today!  We did manage to get in a couple walks.  I am all ready envying Rick and Paulette their palm trees, green grass and sunshine!IMG_1147

Nat came up for lunch, when he arrived Emmi met him at the door and just “talked and talked” to him.  Made his day I think, he is quite fond of that Emmi girl!  IMG_1156

My iPod died!!!  My less than a year old iPod died!!!  Sure makes for boring quilting—I can’t listen to my audiobook!  Guess we will return it to Best Buy when we go to Billings.

Rod over at Retired Rod has been complaining about strange calls to his cellphone—foreign speaking people wanting loans, etc.  Yesterday when we were getting all the excavator calls the phone rang, it was a strange number we didn’t recognize and had no name attached.  We answered the phone as we were trying to sell something and it was my Mom!!!  Not her cell phone number and when Michael looked up the area code—the Bronx, New York!!!  Later in the day Mom called again, same thing—strange, different number and not her cell number!  Weird phone happenings around the country!

IMG_1145 Photo of Michael’s stove he built—it is working well!




  1. Hope the iPod is covered by warranty-should be.

    Like the deer photo!

  2. I receives a strange call on my American Cell the other day as well they knew my address and my birthday and wanted me to confirm it before they would tell me what they wanted. I just told them that was not correct info and hung up on them weird because my name is no where connected to this phone since JB is the one who bought it. Your Picture are all still beautiful even though it is cold out.

    Take Care

  3. great pictures...strange on the phone ID....with your mom's # not showing up..there are many scams out there for sure...we all have to be so careful..take care...

  4. We do feel lucky to be in nice warm weather for the winter for sure!!

    Strange on the cellphone issue unless it's just your carrier bouncing signals around. One has to be careful with phone calls these days!

    Mike's stove looks great! Nice job!

  5. That deer shot is just fantasic!

    Karen and Steve
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