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Friday, November 4, 2011

All I Did Today Was Quilt

My Dad used to say, “I wore out my hide last night tossing and turning.”  Well, I think that’s what I did last night.  I’ve had another stupid cold or something—I’m beginning to think it is allergies cause I never give it to anyone else—and spent a great deal of the night tossing and coughing.  Feeling better today but still have the cough. 

Spent the entire day working on a customer quilt but that’s not quite true, I did sew the binding down on the table runner I made at quilt retreat.  A while back Judy from Patchwork Times showed how to sew a binding by machine.  Bindings are traditionally sewn onto the edges of the quilt’s front, turned to the back and stitched down by hand.  I tried Judy’s method of pinning and using the sewing machine once and wasn’t very successful but today I gave it another go on the table runner and was mostly successful!  And it is just a table runner and it is for me.IMG_1125

Michael went up the Boulder and worked on his fireplace/stove project again this morning then spent the afternoon out in shop puttering.

And that’s it for our Friday, snow is in our forecast for tonight—I could do without that!


  1. nice work on the table runner!!..looks mighty fine!!

  2. I've used Judy's binding method on quite a few quilts and really like it, though some days I can't stitch in the ditch to save my life.

    Haven't heard anything about snow for our area (NE Nebr.) but we're supposed to have crazy wind tomorrow.

  3. Your table runner is wonderful. I have not tried that method for binding. Something to think about.
    Thanks for sharing the picture.

  4. Howdy J&M,
    Looks great to me!! Of course my g-ma WHO WAS A HAND-QUILTER would have a cow if anyone used a 'machine' to QUILT.. Your work looks great to me, though.. Y'all better buckle down and stay warm with the bliz acomin'!!! Maybe Michael will get through so y'all can get gone where it is warmer.. Good thoughts your way...

  5. love the runner I also have used that method to bind..ummm butterbean...I'm one of those old 'hand quilters'...I find thats the fun part, it is when I'm most relaxed..usually I piece the tops on the machine slap it into my nifty frames and hand quilt it all..I've also been known to hand quilt a cheater top, which is what I currently have in the frames..I get lost in time when you have me thinking about table runners Janna :)


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