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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sewing Machine Day

Jeane came up this morning and we sat and stumbled through some exercises on our smarter than us sewing machines.  We enjoyed a lunch of homemade spaghetti sauce over whole wheat pasta and a great salad.  Then it was off to LoraLee’s (she has the exact machine Jeane and I purchased) for more sewing machine lessons!  Now, I won’t say I’m a computer expert by any means, I’ve been known to bend Rick’s ear for computer advice, I’ve been known to turn the air blue when the dumb computer won’t cooperate, but let me tell you, these computerized sewing machines are way smarter than me!  It was a fun afternoon and we gained a lot of valuable advice!

Back home we found Michael had installed the new stove he built for downstairs in our basement.  He put a glass door on the front, now it looks so welcoming when you go down the stairs.  Cool!!  And this stove is bigger so will hold wood which will burn for a longer time than the other stove.

And not much else went on in our world today—I did talk to Brenda today—hope she gets those jeep problems resolved!  And as usual, she was cooking away!


Sunrise over the East Boulder this morning.


  1. I think I should add this picture to the series of trees I want to paint. It is beautiful. Good luck with the new machine.

  2. Love the sunrise photo. Good luck with the new machine, my daughter has a computerized one and loves it. Me... straight or zig-zag stitch is about all I can handle!!! As an old friend of mine used to say 'simple minds... simple needs"!

  3. What? No picture of the welcoming stove with a lovely fire visible behind the glass front? Darn.

  4. love the pic...good luck with the new machine..before you know it you'll be a whiz at running it...mine has oodles of stitches but I only use a few..would love to see a pic of the stove :)

  5. I'm sitting here shivering hoping for a picture of that new stove giving off a warm glow of HEAT!

  6. haha I was reading your blog while you were reading ours. Glad you are loving the new machine. Does it make butterflies???.

    I hope your cold is better today you sounded awefull yesterday when I talked to you.

    Have a great weekend

  7. I don't even know how to turn a sewing machine on let along learn how to operate a computerized one! I'm sure you'll be a whiz in no time.

    That new fireplace sounds nice.

  8. WOW, I love the colours in that picture. Enjoy your new stove.

  9. The sunshine in the pic is so beautiful.


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