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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Walk and Quilting

On November 9, 197? a beautiful baby girl was born to my sister Ann and her husband Danny. Niki was our only grandchild, niece or nephew for 19 years until my brother and his wife had children. We spoiled her rotten and loved her even more. She has grown into a beautiful sweet woman with children of her own. Happy Birthday dear Niki, we love you.

It was a beautiful day today, sunny with no wind and about 45 degrees. It was a little nippy during our walk this morning but warmed up when the sun got above the mountains.

Yesterday I started quilting a king size quilt for a friend of my Aunt Margaret's. Yikes, that is a big quilt! And she only wanted stitching in the ditch which is still hard for me but I got about half the quilt done today, YEA!

I cooked hamburger steaks on the grill, twice baked potatoes and a salad for lunch.

Just another winter scene from around here.
We think this was an eagle, could have been a hawk but whatever it was, it was a big bird!
Michael worked out in his shop all day finishing fireplace doors and working on friend Steve's truck.
Another pleasant retirement day!

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  1. Thanks for not revealing my age. I'm still 28!! Love you too!


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