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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Mis-Mash Day

We decided not to attempt getting the car up the driveway and instead backed it down the driveway and parked it in the barn that we lease from Joe and Tammy. As you can see in the photo the driveway is still very icy!
I made a list this morning of 4 things I wanted to accomplish today and got 3 of them finished. I did 4 or 5 loads of laundry, I lost count and finished a quilt for Marti, a friend of my Aunt Margaret's in Arkansas who by the way informed me she wasn't 78 as I recently stated in the blog but only 76!I made a phone call and then tried to accomplish the last thing on the list which was to order some fabric from and establish a wholesale account with a company in Oregon. The computer or rather our internet service was not cooperating so that task didn't get a finished check mark--I'll try again on Monday.

Michael worked on the motor home all day and changed the oil. Tomorrow he is taking a drive to Helena to look at an enclosed trailer to pull behind the motor home.

Sweet Emmi asleep with her big ole bear.

Nat has always been a horseshoe pitcher. At one time he was the champ in his age group for the state of Montana. The wind blows incessantly in Big Timber so pitching horseshoes outside any time of the year is an iffy proposition. Nat did travel to various small communities to pitch in indoor arenas but as he has aged driving that far isn't something he enjoys doing any more (and I am so glad). So--he decided to build an indoor court attached to his home. He finished it up last winter and tomorrow is holding his second tournament. He gets such enjoyment from this sport and so do his cronies.

This is a photo of the outside entrance to his court.

Tonight we drove into Big Timber, picked up pizzas at the grocery store and went to check on Nat. He says he feels as if someone has been beating on his head which they did yesterday. He looks good though but doesn't feel so great--hope he can survive his tournament tomorrow--he really didn't want to cancel.
As I write this it is 50+ degrees and the wind is howling--Montana weather!


  1. I'm an old sports car (& VW Bug) driver from waaaaay back & that is a sharp looking little car for sure. How big is the trailer your thinking of pulling?

  2. Hello again. We're in Northeastern Montana, and I can relate to your comment about the wind! My husband has a 182 Cessna, and he's grounded most of the time due to the wind, unlike when we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. It rarely ever blew there, and he could fly a lot more.

  3. Went to the local market in Bisbee today.. watched a woman spinning El Paka ( sp.?) into yarn. She had hats etc. that she had made plus the yarn you could buy.
    You talented craft people are to be envied. Your quilts are so beautiful.



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