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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Demolition Crew

We didn't get as early a start as we wanted this morning, we both couldn't sleep around 3am and spent a couple hours tossing and turning--then went back to sleep and slept too long--oh well, we still got it all done.

The house that Lonn and LoraLee lived in is being torn down--the windows in the whole house are newer and we had permission to take them. Michael went over on Monday and started the process and today we finished it. We took 15+ nice windows from the house plus some doors--more than enough to use in a planned guest house! Loaded the windows and doors in the horse trailer and headed for home. The roads are a muddy mess from melting snow and our truck and trailer are now a muddy mess, too.

This is a photo of Lonn and LoraLee's new house--of course there is no landscaping yet and it is a snowy/muddy mess around there, too.
A view from one of the upper windows of the old house.
We are off to Denny and Ellen's for dinner tonight, Emmi is home alone again!

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