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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quilting and Quilting

The day started out sunny but cold and deteriorated to gray and cold with a nasty little cold wind.

Mary came about 10am to rent the longarm machine. I helped her get the quilt started and then I worked on cutting out the pieces for an adorable Christmas wallhanging. This was Mary's first quilt and she did really well--it was a huge quilt and she got it finished--she was amazed! It is a Christmas gift for a dear niece of hers.

The West Boulder mountains in the distance.
Boone Mountain--to the left of the pointed peak is another little snow covered mound--we have been there on a horse pack trip many years ago--it is beautiful up there, meadows, little creeks. We took the pack trip with our good friends Jill and Terry and their son Fritz who was only about 10 or 11 at the time. We had the bigger tent so Fritz slept in our tent. During the night the wind came up and sucked the tent wall out and when the wall came back in it hit me on the head. I came straight out of my sleeping bag Michael said from prone to standing straight up--I was sure a bear had come along and whacked me on the head. The next morning Fritz says, "what was all that commotion last night?" We still laugh about that night.
Michael worked on the shorter table for my longarm machine today. I made a delicious beef stew for lunch and we are having leftovers for supper.

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