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Friday, November 13, 2009

Cold Day

We woke to 10 degrees this morning and about 8 inches of snow. Emmi and I slept in while Michael was up at his usual 5am! Once he is awake in the morning, he is awake and just gets up, me--I can go back to sleep sometimes.

Our walk was a little brisk today to say the least. We didn't go far cause the snow is deep and when it is so cold the snow balls up inside Emmi's paws and she stands there with one paw in the air and this pitiful look on her face. This is Emmi all suited up to go outside Thursday morning when it was just raining.

That motor home is saying, "take me to Arizona, I am sure it is!"The rest of the photos are snow pictures taken either last night or this morning. It was absolutely beautiful.

Emmi is saying "hurry up Mom, it's cold out here!"

Michael spent the day building shelves for the garage and I spent the day quilting and playing with Emmi. A good day to be inside.

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  1. Pictures are a good reminder for us & just confirms why we are where we are:))


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