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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cookie Baking

Michael again took off early to go work at his son's and Emmi and I took a walk.

This morning a woman and her husband from Great Falls arrived to test drive my longarm quilting machine with an interest toward purchasing one. They enjoyed learning about the machine but the wife is having a hard time justifying such an expensive purchase, we will see.

I spent the rest of the day baking cookies--10 dozen to be exact--most of which I am sending to Laci in Iraq. I did get some of the binding sewn onto a quilt I have finished while talking to my long lost friend Cheryl. I never could understand what all the fuss was about Facebook until I found Cheryl. I had attempted in the past to Google she and her husband Bill without any success because I did not know they had left Denver and moved back to the Dallas area. It has just been wonderful catching up with each other after 15 years apart.

I call this group of birds the "hoard." The grey-headed finches arrive about this time every year, stay a couple of months then depart. We usually have 20 or more of the finches so they can clean out a feeder quickly.
Emmi and I took a walk this afternoon to get the mail and to hopefully exhaust her--she is staying home alone tonight while we go to Robyn and Claire's for dinner.

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