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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Did We Lose Our Minds

The high temperature this afternoon was around 50 degrees and Michael decided we needed to go for a Spyder ride. He told me he would go get the car while I got ready. When he pulled up to the back door, he had the top down!!! We just went a little ways up the Boulder and it was not unpleasant. Notice the new cap he is wearing, his high school buddy Sarge sent it to him as Spyder attire as Mike can't wear a cowboy hat in the car, might lose it in the wind and when the top is up there isn't enough room.

Michael gave me several new gray hairs and made my heart stop today. He had the motor home up on one of its rear jacks and had the wheels blocked with wooden blocks. He crawled under the motor home to adjust the brakes and just as I walked out of the house the motor home moved and it appeared that Michael was pinned beneath it. I was never more relieved in my life to see him wiggle out from underneath. He doesn't know why it moved, the wheel chocks slipped and the motor home did come to rest on his chest but not so tightly that he couldn't get out.

When he was a teenager, he and a friend were working on a car with Michael underneath and the jack slipped out pinning Michael's head under the car. It scared his friend so bad that he was able to lift the car enough for Mike to crawl out--he has a scar on his cheek from that episode. The guy has used up some of his lives hasn't he??

I spent the entire day decorating for the holidays--yes, I have my tree up before Thanksgiving. I decided that if I wasn't having a houseful of people for Thanksgiving lunch I would enjoy the Christmas decorations a little longer this year. The house looks beautiful--I tried out some new decorating ideas this year and it worked. Now we will see if the tree can withstand Emmi!

Nat and I got phone calls this afternoon telling us that the little spot the doctor biopsied during all the more involved surgery a few days ago was another squamous cell carcinoma and Nat will have to have another MOHS procedure on December 23.
I've also stirred the pot with my blog post on November 19 when I was very critical of the care we received in Billings during Nat's original surgery. Seems that Billings Clinic has a service that scans the web for references to Billings Clinic and it picked up my blog post from that day. A public relations person has attempted to reach me but we haven't made contact yet and today the dermatologist that did Nat's surgery called me. As I worked in the health care system for so many years (28+) I understand way too much about how it works and still stand by the statements I made.
As I was finishing up this blog post I missed Emmi--couldn't find her--look where she decided to nap!

My sweet potatoes are in the oven baking so I can make the casserole tomorrow and we are just relaxing.

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  1. OH MY GOSH.... What a scare! I am so glad Michael is ok!! I know the emergency brake on the motorhome is a driveshaft type and shouldn't slip at all to let those wheels roll. Perhaps he should check that brake to be sure it's functioning right. I always think of rolling vehicles and check on Steve all the time when he has one up on jacks or blocks. Whew!

    Happy Turkey Day!!!


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