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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glass Etching

It was almost 7am when we both woke up this morning--unusual for us and Emmi. By the time we had our coffee and internet fix it was getting over in the morning. We took a walk and I then started on cleaning our basement storage room. The Christmas decoration boxes and other stuff had kind of taken over and you needed shin protectors to travel through to get to the groceries!

Michael got a quick lunch, I fixed easy quesadillas and then I headed up the Boulder on the road from hell (the road is really a mess right now, potholes that you could lose a car in!) to Peg's house for our glass etching class.

Who knew that glass etching was so easy?? You cut out a silhouette using a Cricut cutter and place that silhouette on the glass object then paint it with etching paste, wait ten minutes and wahla--you have etched glass. It is an acid but you can touch it--when you are washing it off the glass you use your bare hands. I etched six wine glasses with log cabins and they turned out great!

Peg (left, our hostess) and Marilyn--two of the nicest ladies you will ever, ever meet.
Mary (left) and Gaye, our teachers.
Gemma and Edith

The glass etching gang hard at work. Can you see the view out Peg's windows--it is just beautiful.
The finished product.

A fun afternoon, Emmi kept Dad company and they worked out in the garage all afternoon. It was a chilly sunny afternoon.

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