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Monday, November 2, 2009

Firewood Cutting

Robyn called yesterday to invite us to dinner later in the week and she and Mike also made arrangements for us to cut firewood on their place today. They live about 4 miles farther up the East Boulder from us.

My sister Ann sent an e-mail early this morning saying her week was not getting off to a good start--she locked her keys in the car right off the bat when she arrived at work. Well--I think I can top her bad start! Vacuuming this morning, bent over, couldn't get back up--Michael had to help me. Went to bed with a muscle relaxer and heating pad for a while and did manage to get up to go help Michael cut firewood. I wasn't much help but did manage to load some of the smaller pieces and clean up the limbs he cut from the trees. While I am cleaning up the limbs, I trip and fall flat on my face, taking the skin off my chin. And, Emmi was so much help, while I am laying on the ground crying (Michael has the chain saw running and can't hear me) Emmi is walking on my back. When I manage to get to my hands and knees, Emmi is still on my back--bratty dog! We came home for lunch and I loaded up on muscle relaxers again and we were off to get another load but this time taking the mini-excavator and loading 10 foot lengths of trees instead of cutting it into small pieces.

Robyn, Mollie and Pokey coming to see us.
An owl was sitting in the tree along the driveway when we came home at almost dark.
The moon setting yesterday morning.

So, although it is only about 7pm, I am going to bed--maybe tomorrow will be better!


  1. I think you had a full day of Johnson genes. I hope the week goes better and it is not catching. I am planning a day trip with the in-laws to Memphis and don't need anything to happen. Love, Mary Ellen

  2. Ouch! Sure hope you are on the mend!



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