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Thursday, November 19, 2009

To The Doctor

Like our friends The Bayfield Bunch, I am too tired to do much of a blog tonight, no photos just a rant!

I don't know what the answer is but the health care we received in Billings today was atrocious! Nat has had a lesion on his forehead for over a year now, his nurse daughter-in-law (me) kept saying he needed to see a doctor, he kept seeing our abysmal so called medical care providers in Big Timber until about a month ago I put my foot down and made an appointment with our dermatologist. Once biopsied it was decided he needed a MOHS procedure--a small layer of tissue is shaved in tiny increments until when viewed under the microscope, no more cancer cells are visible. This is a procedure that should take at most 2 hours. We arrived in Billings at 10:45 am for an 11:00 appointment and left the Billings Clinic at 5:30pm this afternoon. The physicians at Billings Clinic are employed by the Clinic and either Dr. Wentzel is way overbooked or he can't manage his time! The paperwork alone which the nurse and doctor had to complete certainly caused at least one if not two trees to lose their lives. Nat and I were both exhausted when we left Billings, Nat with two big biopsy owies, and I do mean big! and me with just a major case of irritation.

Friends Geoff and Nancy had invited us to their home for pizza tonight. Mike went without me and I arrived at almost 8pm to a party in full swing. I declined pizza as Nat and I had sandwiches in Billings on our way out of town but I did have a glass of wine and wonderful apple crisp with ice cream.

One little Emmi dog was very glad to see me! I took the Spyder to town today and tonight we couldn't get it up the icy driveway--definitely time to go south!


  1. I see a lot of that 'overbooking' stuff in my part time mobility van job back home. I take wheelchair folks to Doctor's appointments, hospitals, medical centers, etc & then I end up in waiting rooms for hours at a time with the the people waiting, waiting, waiting, You can only read so many outdated magazines in waiting rooms!!!!!!

  2. OH I feel for you with all the docs and overbooking.

    I have finally found ONE clinic that sees everyone on time, and I have only had to wait 10 minutes or less for appointments. Too bad it's an OB-GYN office, wish I could use them for everything!

    Hope Nat has good news and they got all the bad cells!

  3. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. (Think I lost my other comment I just posted). Usually Billings is more on the ball than that. Hope he's alright. Check my Pronhorn photos today. There's some Photoshop work you might be interested in.


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