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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Needle Sticks, OUCH

In my earlier life I may have been a nurse but I am allergic to needles myself, thank you very much! Twice a year the clinic in town does a health fair type blood draw for a whole lot less money than you would pay for these blood tests normally. We haven't had the cholestrol, etc. checked in a couple of years so off we went very early this morning--hungry cause you can't eat--and got our blood drawn. Both of us had success with the lab techs who drew our blood and we were sitting down to breakfast at the Frosty Freeze before 8:30.

Back home we took the Emmi dog for a walk and then I started cleaning the house and cooking. I have a client coming tomorrow to take a quilting class and I provide lunch for these classes. Went to make the dessert, pumpkin bars, and no butter--what, no butter, how can I be out of butter?? Could it have been those 10 dozen cookies I made?? It is a good thing I am going back to town tonight. Going to Barb's card making party.

They don't call these mule deer for nothing--look at the size of the ears on this girl!
My resident Downy woodpecker. He lights on the bird feeder, grabs a few sunflower seeds then takes the seeds over to this tree to crack and eat them.
Emmi was looking particulary ragged so a bath was in order for her--she is a lot better behaved about a bath than poor Jazzy ever was, let's hope the good behavior continues.

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  1. Please show some pictures of your quilts and your quilt room. I read your blog daily and I'm also a quilter who is interested/curious in what other people are quilting.


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