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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Trip to Billings

Emmi warned us that the buck was coming again before he got to the window about 5am this morning--she let out a loud bark and scared both of us to death but at least Michael shot at the buck before he ever got to the window. He is a persistent devil I must say!

She is such a great watchdog with bad hair!
We were off to Billings today for a round of grocery shopping and hair doing. We took Michael's boots to have them re-soled and while there Santa found me a present. We came home with an Explorer full of groceries, etc.

While I was getting my hair done, Michael went to the Toyota dealership. The little sports car we bought only came with one key. We wanted to check into getting another key--you just can't go have a key made at the hardware store for these newer vehicles--oh, no--you have to go to the dealership and then they rip you off to the tune of $105 for another key!

My friend Jill had us pick up one of those filet mignon roast for her at Costco. They live about 3 miles outside of Big Timber and we drove out to deliver the meat--Jill had opened a bottle of wine--really good wine which we enjoyed before heading home and getting about the process of unloading all the stuff from the Explorer.

A great day!

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