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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fireplace Doors and Quilting

A beautiful clear, warm day here in Montana. Michael started the morning out sorting logs--Nat wanted to come up and use the sawmill so Mike was finding logs big enough for that purpose in our firewood pile. Emmi and I took a walk while log sorting was going on.

Then we loaded everything in the truck and headed down the driveway and across the road to George and Shirley's to install the fireplace doors Michael made. The doors fit beautifully (forgot the camera) and George and Shirley were thrilled.

This is what happens when you leave Emmi home alone and forget to shut the bathroom doors--both bathrooms looked like this when we got home!
I fixed lunch for Nat and us then headed to the quilt studio to work on the quilt that I have started to dislike intensely--half way done though! I turned the quilt on the machine and will get started going the other direction tomorrow.
A busy, fun day!

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  1. Well, we both had a good chuckle about that bathroom picture:))


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