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Monday, June 1, 2009

What Happened To Spring?

We woke this morning to grey skies and 44 degrees. A light misting rain has fallen most of the day. The last four days have been awesome, sunny and close to 80 degrees each day--so what happened to our spring, winter came back--I have a fire in the fireplace as I write this!

Sunday I found muscles I didn't know existed! I had Michael teach me how to run a chainsaw--YIKES! And I started in on the brush pile that was such an ugly mess off the end of our deck in the creek. I burned the trimmings and carried armload after armload of limbs to the burn pile. Sunday evening I could hardly move! But, our busy social calendar called and we were off to Nancy and Geoff's just up the road--good company, wine and food--what more could you ask for??

The storm moving in this morning.
Took this photo yesterday when we had sun, my lettuce, radishes and peas are sprouted.

Balsam Root
Yesterday Michael worked out in the motorhome all day fixing some little things and trying to make sense of all the buttons and gadgets.
I hurried and mowed the edges of our driveway and around the worm fence down by the road before the rain started. But I didn't get the weed whacking done before the rain came. I spent the rest of the day in the quilt studio--I purchased zippers at the quilting convention I attended and today I installed those zippers on the canvas leaders of the longarm machine. The zippers make it easy to take one quilt off and put another on.
Michael worked out in the garage all day, he is trying to make the Volkswagen run better.
Jazzy continues to improve, she is almost back to her normal self!

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