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Friday, June 5, 2009

Whew, I'm Pooped

It sure was hard to roll out of bed this morning--I feel like Al from The Bayfield Bunch. Yard work is making an old woman out of me! Yesterday I finished weed whacking the grass down by the county road along the worm fence, mowed the grass here at the house and baked bread (the easy part).

In the evening I went to the Peace by Piece Quilt Quild meeting in Livingston for the first time. It was an enjoyable group of ladies, they had brought quilting things they did not want and there was a silent auction-fun.

Michael had a rough day yesterday at his son's. He started the project to re-do the water supply going to their house, broke the lines as he was digging them up, caused all sorts of water problems in the house--not a good day! He has to go back today and finish fixing his disaster and it is supposed to rain.

A few days ago someone sent me one of those e-mails where if you send it to several friends something wonderful will happen at an exact time. I usually delete these e-mails but this one, I liked the message so I forwarded it to several friends including my good friend in Kansas City, Kelly. Kelly is a true type A personality, extreme energy, loves to work, probably will never retire. We both started working for Kimberly-Clark on the same day and she had decided that the hand writing was on the wall--it was time to leave. BUT--she needed to find something to do--her house sparkles as does her yard and she just has to have something to do. She has been searching and was in the interview process with a firm in Michigan--Kelly is a RN with a MBA and very talented. Within minutes of the "exact time" the e-mail said something good would happen to her, she got a confirmation that the job was hers. It will be a wonderful position--lots of travel, excellent pay and benefits--I am so happy for her. I told her my angel hadn't shown up yet cause I asked for a yard work angel!

Today I must clean the house, I have put it off but we are having company tonight for dinner, it is friend Ellen's birthday!

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