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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Poor VW

Ever had your life flash before your eyes?? Well, I did today--I had an appointment in Big Timber at 2:30 this afternoon and left home just after noon so I could run errands before the appointment. I decided to take the Volkswagen. Once on the highway, the VW just died. So, I thought I would just let it roll backwards, get back on the gravel road, park it and start walking home, someone would pick me up, our county road is well traveled. When I got onto the gravel road I picked up way too much speed going downhill backwards--put on the brake, slowed a little but not enough, put on the brake harder and went into a sharp, backward spin on the gravel road. Now, mind you, the side where I was headed is a steep drop off into a neighbor's hayfield. The few seconds I was out of control, many things went through my head, "I'm going to roll, I'm going to go end over end, and most important of all--I HAVE NO SEAT BELTS!!!" The rear end of the car bounced up over the raised edge of the side of the road and that edge caught the front wheels and I came to a jarring stop. Next thought, "if I take my foot off the brake I will go over." I eased my foot up a little and I went nowhere, I finally had the wherewithal to put it in first gear and get out. I was shaking but started walking. I hadn't gone three steps when I heard a honk and it was our friend Frank, the septic tank guy. He attached a chain and pulled me and the wounded VW home. Mike thinks we probably have a plugged fuel line and is working on it. To say the least, I am NOT driving the VW until it is in perfect running condition!

It must be the week for car accidents, my friend Kelly in Kansas City was hit by a teenaged driver Sunday night totaling her Prius. She is OK, has burns from the air bag and feels like she has been run over which she has.

OK, deep breath and I got in the Explorer and hurried to town for my massage appointment which I needed even more after my little experience. The massage was heavenly and afterwards I completed all my errands which included purchasing paint to paint the quilt studio (are you reading this Jeane).

Michael worked on his dirt moving project today and it is completed except for a little clean up work.

The Columbine in our garden are beautiful.

It was one of those why we live in Montana kind of days.


  1. Your VW adventure sounded like many of my old VW adventures years ago. Ya just gotta love them little beetles with all their little bugs......:))

  2. That is so scary - I could just feel your fear. I am glad it is all okay. We are starting our search for an RV and wish we knew what you know. I have learned so much from reading your blog. Thank you!

  3. So glad you made it through the VW experience without any dings or dents in you or the car...Michael will get it running like a little top again....See you guys soon...Jim & Ellie


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