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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Robins and Carpet Cleaning

This is the strangest weather. Every morning it is cloudy, cold and damp, you would think we were in Seattle--every evening, the sun comes out, the clouds go away and you think maybe there is a chance we will have sunshine in the morning, NOT! Still fireplace weather.

We have two large spruce trees in front of our house just outside the dining room windows and a mother robin has built a nest there. She raises a couple of broods every spring and summer. She allowed me to get really close this morning to take this photo--I guess she is keeping the little guys warm, you can see one of the beaks sticking out from underneath her.

Got this photo while Mom was off the nest, there are three babies.
I quilted all day, I have one more row of stitch in the ditch to do before I can start the fun stuff.
Michael came home early (4pm instead of his usual 6pm). He finished the project at 12 Springs and brought one piece of equipment home. He was ambitious or rather wanted me to be ambitious and suggested I clean the carpet in the motorhome as we had borrowed LoraLee's carpet cleaner. The bathroom window in the motorhome had been leaking so he took that apart and ended up taking the window completely out while I cleaned carpet. The carpet looks so much better and now I won't be afraid to walk on it with bare feet. You guys just wouldn't believe how dirty that RV was!!
Now we are sitting with our feet up having a glass of wine, life is good but I sure am pooped!

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