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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Piano Tuning

Last night after I posted the blog we decided to take the bug and go into Big Timber for ice cream. Michael wanted to see if it would run this time, NOT, never did get that ice cream. The poor VW probably has something such as rust particles in its gas tank so no more driving the VW until Michael figures out if he want to replace the gas tank.

We were both up very early this morning so our walk was early and a good thing, it was almost 90 degrees today.

Nat arrived early, too, to tune my piano. He worked hard all morning, I fed he and Mike hamburgers for lunch and made the piano tuner cookies for his payment.

The quilt with all the stitch in the ditch is finished, hallelujah!! I took it off the machine late this afternoon and it doesn't look bad if I do say so myself (that is if you don't look too close!). Jazzy girl got a bath and haircut today, she was not liking the warmer weather.

Michael installed the head gate in the irrigation ditch and then worked on our old hay cutting swather the rest of the day. He is going to not only cut our hay but the hay of one of our neighbors so he decided the swather needed some maintenance.

Boone Mountain (see, Ellie, almost all the snow is gone off the mountain) with our neighbor's pivot doing a fine job of irrigating this morning.
I think these pretty yellow flowers are probably some kind of noxious weed but it sure makes for a beautiful meadow.
My piano tuner, aka Michael's Dad Nat.

Aunt Margaret's Star Quilt all done!

Another beautiful day in Montana.


  1. I miss Nat. And - why don't you stitch my name into that quilt before you send it back to Aunt Marg. Love and miss you , too - Niki

  2. I'm so glad you managed to charm the sun into shining brightly and melting most of that snow! Now that Dortha and Mark are here, I'm getting antsy to be on the way - Westward Ho!

    We'll see you soon,


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