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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home From Park City

Whew, it is nice to be home. We spent lots of time shopping, Costco, Harbour Freight, Wal Mart, Dillards and the list goes on! We enjoyed a wonderful meal at CJ's and got lots of weeds sprayed and firewood cut. As we were loading the last of the firewood yesterday, I noticed that one of the tires on the trailer was almost flat. Michael then informed me that he had not brought a spare--from me, "WHAT??" He had a fix it kit with him and repaired the one hole he found. While at Costco, he had air put in the tire but it would not hold. When we got back out to the motorhome, he attempted to put the truck tire on the trailer, nope, that wouldn't work either. So, this morning before we started home, he went into Laurel and purchased a used tire for the trailer!

In one of the blogs this past week, I mentioned that I was so thankful to have Michael who can fix anything. Well, he proved himself again. The motorhome has the older TV's and the previous owners had purchased a convertor box but Michael hadn't been able to get it to work. But he did get it working this weekend, took him a while but he was successful. He wasn't so successful with the makeshift antenna he tried to create for me to use with the internet aircard--a piece of copper wire and some alligator clips--that didn't work so well.

These are photos of our place at Park City

Those are the Beartooth Mountains in the distance. The property is really gorgeous, open meadows, rolling hills, pine tree filled draws--surely someone new wants to call it home??

Didn't take us long to unpack the motorhome. Carol, from "over the hill" in Bozeman, we really like our new to us motorhome. While it has no slides and less room than our previous fifth wheel, we just feel at home in it. We are getting it set up as we like and getting all the kinks worked out which included a new water pump this weekend. Just when I think I have stuff put away where it needs to be, I decide to change it. We looked at some wood flooring for the motorhome while at Costco this weekend and I think that is the route we are going to go when we get ready to discard the pink carpet.
It is raining and the forecast is for heavy rain this afternoon and tonight.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good first trip. You are our "heroes".


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