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Friday, June 26, 2009

Verizon and Giving the Motorhome a Bath

Michael was awake a while before me, long enough to read our e-mails and see that Verizon had really wreaked havoc with our bill. His comment to me when I walked into the living room (mind you, I have not even had the first sip of coffee so he was living dangerously) was, "boy you have your work cut out for you today with Verizon." I got on the phone and quickly got it all straightened out, they refunded close to $100 of mis-charged stuff. One problem solved, on to the next.

The next problem we found when we went for our walk was way too much irrigating water going to the wrong places. Dirt has shifted and collapsed and water was everywhere. Michael used the little excavator to do a temporary fix and came to the house to build another head gate. He got it built and installed about lunch time.

I spent the morning spraying weeds up and down the driveway and making lunch. Mom and Chuck are coming on Saturday so I made an angel food cake to have with fresh strawberries, too.

Way too much water!

Fireweed, isn't it beautiful!Wild Rose, all the old timers around here say when the wild roses bloom, high water is over.
After lunch Michael brought the motorhome out to the garage to do some maintenance work and I quilted. When he got ready to wash the motorhome he came and got me to help, now I wonder why??? That is one monstrous thing to have to wash! But, we got it done, it still needs a little more work on the front where all the bugs collect but it started to rain, the temperature dropped and the wind was blowing.
A cloudy June day in Montana.

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