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Thursday, June 11, 2009

War on Weeds

The sun is shining, the sun is shining and it is still shining at 8pm as I type this! A beautiful day.

I waged war on the weeds again--we have a hillside that seems to love to grow leafy spurge, an extremely noxious weed that if left unchecked, will take over everything. Nothing eats it except sheep that are really hungry! So, I took the dreaded back pack sprayer and climbed up and down that hill--I told Michael that if I didn't come back in an hour to come look for me, I might be upside down in the creek like a turtle with that back pack sprayer on my back.

Michael decided to bring the motorhome up close to the house, dump the tanks and start loading it with stuff. After lunch I joined in the fun and started trying to find a place to put all our things. I had more cabinet and closet space in the 5th wheel but we are going to make this work. In our 5th wheel we had a huge coat closet up front and the washer/dryer closet that we used for storage. I'm trying to limit the amount of clothing and shoes I take, this could be difficult!

The motorhome has a funky air horn that you can chose to have play music, all kinds of different tunes. When Michael came into the yard with the rig, Jazzy was outside and he blew the horn, making her howl along with the music!

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