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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Every time I was awake last night, it was raining and it was pouring when we got up this morning. But about 8am, it quit and the sun even came out for a while, in fact the sun is shining as I type this.

I spent the day in the quilt studio doing stitch in the ditch. I felt I needed to learn some new skills and stitch in the ditch was one. Let me tell you, if someone is paying me to quilt and they want stitch in the ditch, it is really going to cost them!! The quilt I am doing is my Aunt Marg's, I hope she likes it!

Michael went back to Lonnie's today and had a good day, he thinks he can finish tomorrow.

This little guy flew into the window today but he survived, just knocked the breath out of him for a while. I have a CD siliconed to each window, I borrowed the idea from a lodge we saw in a popular bird watching canyon in Arizona. It helps but still doesn't keep the little guys from trying to commit suicide!

A Western Tanager
Jazzy is doing well, eating bunches, she is still on a low dose of prednisone and I am going to try weaning her off the steroid to see how she does. She played with toys today and chased rabbits (sorry Stepmom Angie, I didn't catch any, I promise).

Life is good.

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  1. This was the bird Jamie spent a summer in Idaho counting after she finished college. It was a master's project for another student. She spent it with 4 guys, maybe the reason she is still not married. They migrate through Arkansas until their way south. I am rambling but I thought it was interesting to see it on your blog.


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