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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Busy Day

It starts to get daylight here in Montana around 5am and Jazz thinks it is time to get up--wrong! She gets very insistent until I give up and get up. She is doing so well, still on antibiotics but running, playing and acting her usual self. After talking to Ellie and to our friend Nancy here in Montana, we are going to treat Jazz as if she has pancreatitis (Schnauzers are prone) and see if we can stop these episodes.

When our friends purchased our 5th wheel, Michael also sold them the hitch and promised to install it in their truck. When we left the party last night, we brought Denny's truck home with us and Michael installed the hitch today.

I sprayed two tanks of weed spray today and made lunch. After lunch we decided to take Denny's truck home and to drop off a book for our friends Peg and John. They had two Schnauzers, black like Jazz, and had to euthanize one last week. They are heartbroken--when I lost a dog several years ago, a friend gave me a book entitled Dog Heaven. It helped us so much we thought it might help John and Peg.

This is a photo of Denny and Ellen's new baby.

After dropping off the book, we drove to Big Timber. Michael's plumbing supply place had delivered some supplies to Nat's and we visited for a while and picked up the pipe and water pump. Ice cream was then on the agenda. Before leaving Big Timber we stopped at the nursing home to visit Jim whose wife Beryl died this winter.

Today was one of those why we live in Montana kind of days, sunny and bright spring green. On the way to Big Timber we saw a baby elk along the side of the road trying to figure out how to get over the fence to his mom.

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