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Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Snow

Jim and Ellie don't read this! The snow started yesterday afternoon late and it was still snowing this morning. None accumulated as the ground is too warm, but still--34 degrees and snow in June. All my potted flowers are inside and the poor birds are cleaning out the feeders in less than a day. Jazz has no interest in being outside.

Friday evening Jeane, Steve, Denny, Ellen and Gemma came for dinner. We had a marvelous time and great food if I do say so myself (everybody else said so, too!). We had grilled flank steaks marinated in olive oil, rosemary and garlic, day before mashed potatoes, tomato and mozzarella cheese salad, green beans with butter, lemon juice and almonds and finished off with rhubarb crisp and vanilla ice cream. We all waddled off to bed that night! Denny and Ellen are getting ready to leave the valley, Ellen to Seattle to work for the summer (she is a nurse) and Denny to the Philippines to work with the mission they support for deaf children.

Saturday I tidied up the house a little and quilted until Mom and her new friend Chuck arrived. As you know Mom is working over in Yellowstone Park this summer and so is Chuck. He is a fulltime RVer and on his way from TN to Yellowstone, stopped in Arkansas and spent a couple of weeks there getting to know the family. It was good to meet him, an easy person to be around.

Today Mom and Chuck left before lunch, Mom was worried about the mountain passes inside Yellowstone Park that might be closed due to snow. She works at Canyon which is in the interior of the Park. Well, sure enough, the passes were closed so she was stranded at Chuck's in Gardiner for a while.

Michael spent the day recuperating from whatever bug he acquired while in Billings at the car auction on Saturday with Steve and I spent the day quilting.

At present, the snow has stopped.

Mom, Chuck and I drove up to Natural Bridge yesterday afternoon, the river is running high.
Pretty yellow flowers in a snowstorm at Natural Bridge, boy was it cold and windy while we were there.

I took this photo at sunset last night, the snow had stopped and the sun was peaking out for a very short while. The sun was hitting the snow covered, burned mountains behind our house and the colors were glorious.

A hungry Hummer.

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  1. Surely you guys will have all that snow and cold weather fixed before we get there :)...It's just 33 more days (yipee)...Mark & Dortha might like some snow as they are in Ft. Worth Texas with lots warmer weather...I think I gained some weight just reading your dinner menu...Sounds wonderful...Have a great day and we'll see you in July.....Jim & Ellie


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