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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful Time of Year

Fall is my favorite time of year but summer runs a close second. The yard and flower beds look wonderful, the fields are still green and everything just looks so rich. I spent the entire day outside starting with weed spraying and ended up planting wildflower seeds.

Irrigating water in this country is very important and nobody complains when there is too much water. When we started out on our walk this morning, Michael commented that there sure was a lot of water in our pond and it was very muddy. So, our walk took us up along the irrigation ditch to where the irrigating water comes down our ditch or is diverted to our creek. Oh, my, was there ever a lot of water. Michael managed to divert most of it down the irrigation ditch so it wouldn't run into the pond any more. The water went over the top of our lower dam crossing sometime during the night, it's a wonder it didn't wash the entire dam away!

So, Michael spent the afternoon building a head gate so we can better control the water. He had to make a quick trip over to his son's this morning, septic tank problems in a house with 2 adults and 3-4 young adults. (Can't call our granddaughter Katie a teenager anymore, she will be 21 in September). Guess that is called a plumbing emergency!

I sprayed weeds along the irrigating ditch bank today all the way around to our water's origination point. The bank is narrow and very steep on one side so believe me, I payed attention to my driving.

A beautiful day in Montana.

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