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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wind and Wood Cutting

Oh, my did the wind ever blow here yesterday and into the night. The newspaper said we had gusts of 50 mph and I believe it! We lost 6 large aspen trees in our little ravine here.

Michael cut some trees that were all ready down into firewood yesterday and then cut some of the ones that fell into firewood today. He also built an entrance over the creek to our little trail through the aspen grove that we use on our walks. He has been wanting to get that built and yesterday seemed the time to do it.

I fought the quilt machine all day yesterday and Michael stopped in to help me frequently. The "canvas leaders" to which you attach all your quilts were not straight and it is essential that they be straight or your quilts come out crooked. Nothing I did by following directions from the quilt forums and from my manual helped so I will call the company tomorrow for directions. I was about ready to scream by day's end!

Nat came up for lunch today and he was very late which is unusual for him. Michael had gone out to the garage to get a vehicle to go look for him, that's how concerned we were. Michael came back in the house and asked me, "do you think he changed his clock last night?" Well, that is exactly what he had done, changed it a week early! Why couldn't the powers that be have left the date for changing the clocks the same after all these years? An announcement was made Friday at the Senior Center where Nat lunches about not forgetting to turn your clocks back. I told Nat that there was probably a lot of little old ladies that were late for church this morning that would be complaining at the Senior Center on Monday.

We had an enjoyable lunch, I made homemade beef stew and chocolate chip/oatmeal/pecan cookies, Nat's favorite. After lunch, I decided the quilt studio could stand a cleaning.

Michael's version of a log splitter!
Building the trail across the creek.

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  1. I'd love a weight watchers version of your cookies...but they probably wouldn't be the same!

    Hope your quilt machine fix is easy!

    Take care,


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